"Michelle created an individualized, 12-week program for me. I was so happy with the differences I felt and saw. I started with literally no strength at all, having just recovered from surgery. Her plan started me out at the perfect level of difficulty to push me, but not push me too hard. I have gained a half inch to an inch of muscle all over my body (except my waist, which is down an inch). I feel stronger and healthier, and much more confident about how I look! In addition to setting up a great physical workout, one of the most helpful things for me was that she took the time to get to know my individual health and nutrition needs, and then gave me concrete ideas of how to improve them. Two of the most helpful things I learned were some of the simplest, like how much water I should be drinking and how to maximize the use of food around my workouts. Those have been crucial to my success! I appreciate her very personalized, compassionate, educated advice!"  

-Jill Thompson, Actor & Model, St. Paul, MN





"For a year I pondered the idea of becoming a vegan. I was at a point in my life where I was cleansing away self-destructive behaviors to make way for a positive and healthy lifestyle. For my 21st birthday, I decided give myself the gift of a healthy, strong, compassionate, plant-based lifestyle, except I did not know how to get there. I stumbled upon Michelle on veganbodybuilding.com.  Her picture, along with her compassionate biography, instantaneously resonated with me. I had anxiety about taking the initial steps on this new chapter, but Michelle held my hand the entire way. I am so grateful to have such a kind, understanding, nurturing, and inspiring coach to guide me. Michelle focused on an individualized enriching program for me that has changed my body and my life forever, and for that I am forever thankful!"

-Vanessa Ambroselli, New York, NY


NCtestimonial2"A few months before my 40th birthday, I reached out to Michelle, desperate to fend off middle age and build a body I could be proud of. I wanted to improve my workouts and reach the level of fitness she had achieved. That conversation blossomed into a full-fledged health and fitness coaching relationship, and for the first time since my high school soccer career, I was able to stick to an intense, sustained (and personalized!) workout regimen. What's more, I finally paid attention to what I was putting in my body! As a generally fit guy who never struggled with my weight, I never thought I had  to pay much attention to the food I ate. Michelle taught me how I could elevate my performance by fueling my body with optimal foods at the right times, and how to look at health and fitness in a more holistic way. Whatever your goals, whatever your challenges, I have no doubt Michelle can help you develop good lifelong habits that build a better you."
-Nick Coughlin, Minneapolis, MN


CourtneyZ-testimonialphoto"Michelle is very passionate and dedicated to her work as a Vegan Lifestyle Coach.  She was a great resource for me, and helped me tremendously as I learned more about what it means to be vegan and how to get started with it.  She is a great support no matter where your are on your journey to being vegan and living a healthier life overall."  

-Courtney Zukowski, Raleigh, NC

CLarr-testimonial photo

"Michelle Risley is a strong and spiritual individual who is passionate about veganism, animal rights, environmentalism, healthcare, and her clients. Her clinical experience, combined with her vast knowledge, makes her the perfect coach for anyone looking to explore and expand their role in the vegan lifestyle. Whether one is simply interested in learning more or is already a lifelong vegan, I cannot think of a more experienced and dedicated Life Coach than Michelle."

-Chris Larr, Clinical Pharmacist, Wake Forest, NC


"Michelle’s positivity and passion for living a healthy and compassionate life inspired me to begin my transition to a vegan lifestyle.  She has provided me with valuable advice and opened my eyes to all the benefits, both to humans and animals, this lifestyle enables me to achieve. I can’t imagine a better resource to have when beginning the transition to veganism.  When Michelle provides advice, you can tell she is truly speaking from her heart."   

-Jennifer Walker Hobbs, Raleigh, NC




"Michelle Risley has taken the Vegan Lifestyle to an entirely different level. Her passion for a healthy, compassionate, positive lifestyle have proven to be beneficial to her as a role model, as well as a coach. She embodies positivity...body, mind, and spirit.

I yearned to gain more knowledge, not only about the foods and dietary guidelines vegans follow, but also about their unbelievable positive outlook on life. I also wanted to learn about the health benefits and how being vegan could help our planet. Michelle personally helped me find my roots, with a discovery of a spiritual approach and connection as being one with the earth. I gained a more uplifting outlook and attitude, and I can clearly see resolutions transforming in my life. My connections to the world are not just a hope for change or enhancement -- I'm finding myself in a complete REJUVINATION!!

Michelle showed me just how easy I can transform myself with little effort, just by mentally changing thoughts on a daily basis. Step-by-step, I'm learning just how much impact small changes can make. She is a true inspiration, and I'm glad that I'm following her in becoming the best person that I can be for myself, and for the world."

-Jason Martin, Interior Designer, Raleigh, NC


"I have known Michelle Risley for 15 years. I first met her in the yoga studio where I took classes. I eventually took one of her classes and continued going to her classes 'by choice' from then on. Michelle had a way of balancing her practice with more than one focus. Her students always received a balance of mindful meditation, body structure and alignment education, nutritional knowledge support, and the assurance that she was passing on authentic teachings.  

I have since moved away from where she is, but the seeds she planted have grown and flourished within me. My life is stronger than ever with regard to my yoga, nutrition, meditation, and healing practices. I don't think Michelle knew how much of a coach and guide she was back then, and now she has organically and naturally grown into this amazing Life Coach. I highly recommend her through my own life experiences."    -Cheryl Monroe, Energy Worker, Clinton Corners, NY



"I  have been blessed with Michelle's friendship and wealth of knowledge for over 20 years.  The dedication and commitment she displays in her every endeavor is only matched by the passion she feels for those causes closest to her heart. Her thoughtful insights, patient encouragement, and unwavering support have been an invaluable and key component in my pursuit of a healthier lifestyle and a more balanced mind, body, and spirit."

-Shannon Wolfe Hampton, Therapist, Shreveport, LA


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