Michelle L. Risley is the Founding President of My Kale Life, LLC and creator of Vegan Fit Formula™, Vegan Me Healthy™, and Crush Cravings Now™. She is an Ethical Vegan, Personal Trainer, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Fitness Model, Reiki Healer, and has been a medical professional for 25+ years. Although she's a Clinical Pharmacist, she's had a lifelong interest in nutrition and fitness, and believes in a holistic approach to health and well-being. She's been working in the fitness industry since high school, and worked as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor at various health clubs and gyms during college and Pharmacy School. Even after becoming a licensed Pharmacist, she continued her personal training. Michelle went on to become a Yoga and Meditation Teacher in 2001 and a Second Degree Reiki Healer in 2014. Throughout her Pharmacy career, she has been an outspoken advocate for preventive medicine and lifestyle changes as an approach to health. Michelle began her eventual vegan path as a vegetarian in 1999, but made the transition to veganism in 2001. Although she decided to go vegan for moral and ethical reasons, the heath and nutrition aspects of the vegan diet were additional benefits.

Michelle grew up in rural south Louisiana, and will often point out that if someone with her background and upbringing can go vegan, anyone can. She studied Pre-Pharmacy, with an emphasis on chemistry, math, and physics at Louisiana State University; she received her Pharmacy Degree from the University of Louisiana at Monroe School of Pharmacy. Although being a Pharmacist was rewarding for a while, it soon became obvious to her that something was very wrong with the whole system. Pushing drugs, rather than teaching disease prevention and lifestyle changes, just seemed wrong and backward. And this is why she continued her 'side jobs' throughout her Pharmacy career. After spending many years in her profession, Michelle decided to leave it and blend all of her experience from many different areas of expertise and start her own company in 2015. As a Vegan Lifestyle Coach, her mantra is to always do her best to be the coach she wishes she had when she decided to go vegan.

The following is an excerpt from an October 7, 2015 Press Release:

Easily going vegan and successfully living the lifestyle can be done through Michelle Risley's Vegan Fit Formula™ program, which helps vegans (and aspiring vegans) with their fitness goals.
"If you truly want to change the world, go vegan," says Risley. "By doing so, you not only improve your health and save the lives of numerous animals, but you are also positively affecting the environment, standing up against social injustices, as well as living in accordance with your true core values."
As a Vegan Lifestyle Coach, Risley's mantra is to always strive to be the coach she wishes she had when she decided to go vegan in early 2001.
Risley specializes in not only coaching and creating an easy transition to a successful vegan lifestyle, but combines it with a fitness aspect, which teaches her clients exactly how to reach AND maintain their fitness goals. Many fear weight gain from carbs, which creates a fear of going vegan. Risley brings a very unique perspective and experience, blending over 25 years of being a Clinical Pharmacist with her lifelong interest in fitness, nutrition, preventive medicine, as well as her love of cooking and creating recipes. Because of Risley's unique blend of education and experience, she has created a holistic, compassionate, individualized approach to coaching, while utilizing her extensive knowledge in biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, exercise kinesiology, and nutrition principles.
Vanessa Ambroselli, a yoga teacher from New York, struggled with the idea of going vegan until she found Michelle.
"For a year I pondered the idea of becoming a vegan,” says Ambroselli. “I was at a point in my life where I was cleansing away self destructive behaviors to make way for a positive and healthy lifestyle. I had anxiety about taking the initial steps on this new chapter. I am so grateful to have such a kind, understanding, nurturing, and inspiring coach to guide me. Michelle focused on an individualized enriching program for me that has changed my body and my life forever."